Good mornings

I once feared mornings with you, I thought the mundane repetitiveness would screw deeper and deeper into our minds until we are nothing. But these days, after spending many mornings with you peacefully asleep next to me, I have fallen in love with it. I look forward to the quiet moments before you open your eyes, the soft voice in the morning mumbling “good morning”, the stumbles towards the kitchen bench before the coffee machine echoing off the walls. I have fallen in love with the small talks across the tiny round table set by the window. It’s moments like this that reminds me of the admiration I have with you in my life. Advertisements

Beauty in dark corners

A lovely person lately brought to my attention that my fatal flaw is that I can’t help but see the best in people. I must admit that I do understand the reasoning behind it as I have met my fair share of tragedies. But it’s a flaw I’m willing to suffer with because I just know how beautiful the best can be. I know to some extent the small beauties behind the characters people often hide. Whether it’s the unrecognisable kindness behind simplistic syllables they choose to share, or the easily missed nod when they’re focused on your words. I’m often catching myself noticing tiny wonders behind people as I learn new beauties.  I’ve taught myself to explore the people I meet, not in the way a dissection would study someone. I rather explore people to find their true selves, because there is nothing more incredibly than the true passionate spirit. To find an individual’s deepest passion is extraordinary. It

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The perfect stranger on the train

I remember seeing you in the old underground train station, your eyes piercing through the crowd. Your eyes were inviting enough to overtake my itch of shyness, so I walked on over. I heard the sweetness of your voice along every syllable of your name and it instantly branded itself to my memories. We both got on the train and somehow found two empty seats that to this day, I’m still astonished considering the mess of a train it was. To this day, the mention of your name reminds me of the soft smile and the stream of hair you brush behind your ear. It was early in the morning, I remember because you told me all about how it was your first day at work as a designer. The thoughts sparking in my head like fireworks as you mention what you do, a smile already escaping through the corners of my lips. I absolutely admired you, you told me all

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