Heartbeats in the water

Everytime I submerge my ears, I listen to the beat of my own heart. My heart, slowly beating, kept in its cage as I linger around it with fascinated thoughts. As I grip that caged beast, it struggles with every force. Thumping harder and harder against my ears, my lungs screaming alongside it. Every deep breath begging for mercy for its friend as I hear it almost bursting. These quick moments of momentum never fail to bring me back to reality. I am someone important with deafening insides continuously pumping to keep me alive. Advertisements

A soft message for you

Maybe it’s the mind resting against the beat of the song, or your voice lulling through my memories, but I really like you. I feel like I under-appreciated the beauty I’m fortunate to have met and I would like to do something about that. You are an honest, heartwarming, and gorgeous person who has kept me amongst the living. I have approached you countless times, spilling issues after issues in my life and you have never failed to be there. You have taken on nonsensical rambles about the ideas screaming in my head. You have cracked jokes with me, instantly changing moments that are stressful and heart drenching to calmed down happiness. I would love for you to know that no matter what, I will always return this kindness. For every agonizing slice of pain, I will be an already offered pair of ears. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Masterpiece in the making

You are a masterpiece in the making. This pathway you’re taking should never be judged lightly, as the harsh reality will hit you like a hailstorm. Despite this long and difficult journey, I will still be here no matter what, because in all my time as an observer, I’ve never seen such incredible beauty grow. I’ve witness the quiet, gentle voice you express when you talk about your passion. The softness never fails to send shivers down my spine, it never fails to crack a smile in the corner of my lips. I’ve seen the spark in your eyes as I watch your face glow with both excitement and determination, perfectly mirroring your deepest passions. This warmth you emit encourages the happiness inside me, often in times of defeat when the last thing on my mind is joy. But somehow you do that, and I can’t help but crumble before you as I attempt to collect those three little words.

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The excitement of memories

One of the largest contributors to every beautiful memory to me is the overwhelming feeling of happiness. The warmth building up in your chest, spreading to every part of your body like a dam has just been smashed to pieces. The slight pause in time that feels almost infinite in the most appreciative way. This almost infinity is beautiful because it allows for the admiration of whatever the cause is for a few short moments before reality kicks in, with this feeling of appreciation still captured within the heart. To me, thinking of all the tiny memories allows for an easier pathway, a pathway filled with incredible amounts of hopes. This hope is brought upon by the idea that there is an entire future ahead, just waiting to capture more astonishing memories. Excitement is one of the best outcomes here, as it fills you with wonder and fascination in the possibilities. You can’t help but feel this build up of excitement,

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My mornings with you

Every morning with you has become incredibly beautiful. I love being under the sheets with your face peacefully sunken into the soft pillow. I can’t help but lie there every morning with a gentle smile across the corners of my lips. I love watching as your eyes slowly open, your smile striking across your face, lighting my day up every time. I love being able to lean in to kiss your delicate lips. Sometimes we chuckle as I accidentally lean in as you yawn. Some mornings when you’re feeling lazy, I bring in cereal and coffee for the both of us. I sit cross legged​ with my bowl in my hand as I face you. We spend the morning talking about what’s on today. Sometimes I tell you about my quirky dreams of being chased by some bear that smelled like bacon or that one time I had a dream about a bath duck factory. I enjoy every morning with

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The small notices

I see hope drawn out through your exhausted eyes. I see the shyness of your delicate hands as they hide themselves in your lap. I see your legs closely tucked together as they don’t want to take unnecessary space. I see the way you keep your back straight because you’re desperately trying to build perfection in someone already completed with perfection. Everytime I see you, I feel both sadness and joy. I want you to know that who you are as an individual is everything I look for. You’re the perfect combination of a dream and a nightmare. You’re the perfect balance between good and evil. Your eyes are the perfect shade of beauty, that I can’t help but pick up my favourite brush to paint them with. Your hands are beautifully constructed, like they were perfectly molded to fit mine. They’re distinctly smooth enough to run across my skin, imprinting their touch into my memories forever. Your legs twirl

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An appreciation to she who matters

Lately, I’ve been seeing you walk on my side of the curb in life. Sometimes the moments are unforgettable; like the blissful laugh heard from across the table to a terrible joke I made or the genuine voice seeping through your lips as you compliment my small creations. I thought for a while there, you sailed off away from me but due to recent circumstances, I got you back. And this small crack of time between us revealed these honest feeling of appreciation for who you are. You are the photographer I aspire to be, you are the admirable kindness of a gentle soul, you are the realisation that there is hope in this world of everlasting conflicts. I wish we could be closer but there will always be the uncertainty crawling under my skin, this fear that you may not wish for the same. Maybe I will try for something more, even just a simple coffee on the corner every

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Questions by Jack Johnson

I think my love of exploring interests stems from this song. Amongst all the various songs I’ve grown up listening to, a song I’ve kept close to my heart. Because of it, I adore the idea of taking a deep interest in people​; in their lives, their conflicts and their beautiful memories. I believe the idea of learning someone is one of the most precious things in life. What intrigues me most about the lyrics of the song is this notion of only being able to ask one question. It’s beautifully shaped as he asks for a suggestion on what to ask because it brings to light the uniqueness of every individual. There are no right or wrong answers, there is no single question that can be asked that opens up a person. Everyone is gorgeously individual and this thought that every person has a unique question intrigues me to the point where I can’t help but explore it. Every

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My middle name

You call me by my middle name and I thought you were making fun of me but you weren’t. You genuinely liked my middle name and you decided for yourself that that’s what you’re going to call me from that point on. At first I was uncomfortable but then I realised a weird beauty behind it. You were comfortable when talking to me, you wanted to call me something different, something you liked. You’re my only friend that calls me by my middle name and that strangely allows you to become unique to me.

A message too annoying to write

I’ve been thinking about what I could say, not because I didn’t have enough to say. I am simply a perfectionist, I want what I say to come across the way I intend it to. I think you’re special, incredibly special and I have this fear in the back of my head that I could lose you before I get to know you the way I’d like to.  You’re incredibly good looking and it stings my heart everytime you refuse to believe it. The muscles in my cheeks take over my lips, creating that genuine curve of a smile every single time I see you, even when I receive that tiny notification at the top of my screen. Even the colour pallet of your profile picture popping up on my phone creates that beautiful excitement. I wish you could look into the mirror the way I look at you. I wish you could feel that spark behind your eyes as

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